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We come from a long line of New Jersey caterers and have  been in the catering business most of our lives.  Our father  was in the restaurant and catering business for over 45 years.  Through his dedication, love and hard work, he built a  successful business while raising ten children.   

When we were younger, we would work after school and on  weekends in the kitchen and office with our father.  We  watched and practiced the skills necessary to ensure a  successful event.  He taught us to cook and to present food in  a pleasing way.  We knew one day that we would be running the family business.  The  experience in the office taught us how to properly plan and execute an event.  It was  there that we learned to develop relationships and to speak with people.  These bonds  and communication skills help ensure that we understand what you are asking for when  we are planning your event.  

In 2010, our father retired and Troy and Maureen took over the family business.  Troy  worked in the family catering business for over ten years.  Additionally, Troy worked as  part of the Management Team for the Cheesecake Factory.  Maureen has worked in the  family business for over twenty-five years.  She also owns and manages a sister  catering service in South Jersey. Together, Troy and Maureen make a great team and  bring a tremendous amount of experience to event planning, food preparation, catering  and ensuring a successful event.  They are extremely proud of their father and his  accomplishments and are excited to be continuing in the tradition that he created.   Together,Troy and Maureen believe that Service and Quality are the keys to the success  of their business.  It doesn’t hurt that they also both love to cook! 

Elite Catering Service will plan and help you decide if your event should be a formal “sit- down” dinner or a buffet style event.  There is nothing we find more gratifying than  planning the event from start to finish.  This planning process includes details such as  food and beverage selections, decorations, place settings, centerpieces, linens and  more.  We can cater at one of our three banquet halls or move the party “Off-Site” to one  of your locations.   

We apply our long family history, experience and pride to all of our special event and  corporate catering.  

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Service Areas

We provide catering services  throughout the New Jersey  area including the following  locations: Somerset County 

  • Monmouth County 
  • Ocean County 
  • Burlington County 
  • Middlesex County 
  • Union County 

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Email:  OPRANDY78@gmail.com